Delicious Schesir Cat cooking broth recipe with tuna and anchovy flavour. With 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives or colourings, this formula is totally adapted to the well-being of your cat.

SCHESIR - Recette Humide Au Thon Et Anchois

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    • SCHESIR Cat Food in Broth or Jelly is recommended for cats of all breeds, from one year of age. It can be given on its own or with kibble. Made in Italy, this complete and balanced cat food is of the highest quality and is highly digestible. Made with ingredients suitable for human consumption and rice, it will provide your cat with the essential nutrients for good health. Single protein and hypoallergenic ingredients make this formula ideal for cats with intolerances or sensitivities. These 100% natural cat foods contain a high level of minerals and vitamins to support good health and vitality. They contain no colourings or preservatives.

      High quality wet cat food
      Large format is very convenient, ideal even if you have more than one cat.
      100% natural ingredients
      No preservatives or colourings
      Uses only the finest pieces of meat and fish, steamed and processed by hand.
      In cooking broth.


  • Ingredients : Tuna 52%, anchovies 4%, rice 1.6%.

    Analytical components: protein 17%, crude fat 0,5% crude cellulose 0,5%, crude ash 1,5%, moisture 80%, 67 kcal/100 g

    Nutritional additives: Vit. A 1325 I.U., Vit. E 15 mg, Taurine 160 mg