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This high-quality bunion ointment made from natural ingredients offers preventive protection or also cares for already existing dryness of the bunion. This ointment soothes and moisturises the skin. 



In winter: Apply before the walk to protect against road salt. Or apply after the walk, after the paws have been cleaned a little.  

In summer: ONLY APPLY AFTER WALKING IN THE SPA! The pads, which are stressed by the heat, are thus enriched with moisture and dehydration is avoided. 

Pawness Paw Pad Ointment

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  • Ingredients: In addition to nourishing and repairing plant oils, the bale ointment also contains skin-soothing essential oils. The regionally sourced beeswax (from "De Beiefritz") ensures a good consistency, but above all it provides vitamin A for cell regeneration. The shea butter especially ensures the softness of the pads.

    The essential oils have a soothing, cleansing and moisturising effect on the skin. 



    Vegetable oils: Beeswax (Luxembourg), Hemp (Luxembourg) , Olive (Crowdfarming) , Coconut (Organic Fair Trade), Shea Butter (Organic).

    Essential oils: Lavender , Lemongrass 



    Size Medium - glass jar 50 ml - 23€ (0,46€/ml)

    Size Large . Glass jar 120ml - 36€ (0,30€/ml)


    Packaging design may vary. Packaging in Green PE planned 

    Soon also available in 30ml.... 

    Currently collection only, or delivery on request and plus shipping costs.


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