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If your cat tends to spend her days on the couch, is neutered, or if you're concerned about her weight, Natyka Concept Sterilized kibble will help her keep her figure and gain muscle mass. It's the perfect way to get your dog back to exercise!

NATYKA Concept Sterilized

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    • A gourmet recipe for sterilised cats

      These kibbles have been developed by nutritionists from whole food, hypoallergenic and gluten-free ingredients. To be precise, they contain 68% animal ingredients, including 41% chicken meat and 20% salmon meat. If you have an adult cat that is spayed or neutered or has a tendency to gain weight easily, this is the recipe we recommend. It has a lower level of metabolizable energy and we have added extra fibre to create a sense of saturation. All in all, they taste great and make you feel full. But shhh, our cats told us!

      Carefully selected ingredients

      In addition to helping your cat stay in good physical shape, these premium kibbles are adapted to their physiological needs. With olive, lemon, orange, grapefruit and grape seed pulps, thyme, oregano, parsley and marjoram, they help prevent the onset of many diseases. In addition, the experts behind this recipe have added extra L-Carnitine, which promotes fat metabolism and helps your cat maintain an ideal body weight.

      Top of the range made in France

      Our priority? The health and morale of your cats. With this in mind, our quality kibbles are balanced in terms of proteins and fats in order to boost your companion's energy and tone. Like all our kibble ranges, this one contains no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavour enhancers. A natural recipe for a "meow" effect!

  • Ingredients: Chicken meat 41%, salmon meat 20%, sweet potatoes, rice, chicken fat 8%, hydrolysed chicken liver 8%, peas, yeast, beet pulp, refined fibre, dried Antarctic krill 2%, olive pulp, lemon pulp, orange pulp, turmeric, thyme, oregano, marjoram, sage, sodium chloride, anchovy and sardine oil, yeast extract, chicory root extract, MOS, FOS.

    Analytical constituents: crude protein 33%, crude fat 12.5%, crude fibre 3%, crude ash 6.8%, calcium 1.45%, phosphorus 1.15%, sodium 0.83%.

    Nutritional additives: vit. A 22,500 IU, vit. D3 1,800 IU, vit. E 150 ppm, vit. B1 16 ppm, vit. B2 28 ppm, vit. B6 12 ppm, vit. B12 240 ppb, vit. C 50 ppm, folic acid 4 ppm, biotin 750 ppb, taurine 3500 ppm, iron (iron sulphate monohydrate) 125 mg/kg, copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate) 12 mg/kg, manganese (manganese sulphate) 13,5 mg/kg, zinc (zinc sulphate) 130 mg/kg, selenium (selenomethionine) 0,28 mg/kg, iodine (calcium iodate anhydrous) 2,6 mg/kg.

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