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FELLness Shampoo is a cleansing and hydrating shampoo. 


Using 3 mild surfactants and olive oil from crowdfarming (directly from the farmer), it gently cleanses your dog's coat while nourishing the skin. The essential oils of grapefruit and bergamot provide natural degreasing. The vegetable keratin provides volume, counteracts dandruff and even makes dry coats shine.


Can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with other shampoos / conditioners from the Fellness brand. 

Fellness Shampoo

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  • Application: 

    Pour a little shampoo (depending on the size of the dog) into a container. Fill it with water (neither cold nor warm), shake it and work the mixture step by step into the dog's previously dry coat. Use more if necessary. 

    As sole shampoo: It is advisable to wash the dog briefly after the first shampooing and to repeat this to achieve a better result. Especially if there is a lot of dirt. Rinse well with clean water. Blow-drying is recommended. 


    In combination with another shampoo / conditioner from Fellness: 

    After the 1st shampooing with FELLness Shampoo, shower the dog briefly with clear water, then use either the other shampoo or a conditioner. The second product can develop its effect better through the previous cleaning. 


    ATTENTION: All essential oils of citrus fruits, including grapefruit and bergamot, are photosensitive, i.e. in strong sunlight they can cause burns. 

    It is therefore advisable to wash out the shampoo carefully and blow-dry the dog afterwards. DO NOT LEAVE TO DRY IN THE SUN!!! For 8 hours, avoid the sun. 

    Citrus essential oils are considered to be particularly cleansing and degreasing, which is why they are used in the formula anyway. 

    We trust in your proper application and do not accept any liability in case of incorrect use of the product! 


    This product is available 200ml with 1.2ml pump. The packaging is Green PE, made from sugar cane based PE. 100% recyclable