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Excessive undercoat or heavy regrowth can have a negative influence on the body temperature regulation of your beloved four-legged friend.


CONDness 1 is a conditioner specially designed to remove excess undercoat. In addition, the high quality ingredients help to regulate coat growth.


More and more dogs are not getting rid of their undercoat sufficiently by natural means. This is why quality products such as CONDness1 are so important. 


Condness-One - The easy peel change

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  • Ingredients: mild emulsifier, coconut & grape seed oil, as well as vitamin B5, vitamin E, vegetable silicone from red algae, and vegetable keratin. 

    Essential oils: juniper, cedar wood.

    The combination of all this makes the coat very soft and the undercoat almost comes off by itself. 



    We recommend to use this product in combination with the cleaning shampoo like our FELLness. This way, the effectiveness of our conditioner is enhanced by cleaning beforehand. 

    It's as simple as this: FELLness / CONDness1 / brush wet / rinse thoroughly / blow dry / brush dry / after 2 days brush dry. 


    Available in 150ml 


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