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Eucalyptus treat for your dog's greatest pleasure. The dental sticks contribute to good oral hygiene and the eucalyptus gives a pleasant breath.

Sold in a 1.3 kg pot, containing 30 sticks of 10 cm in length.

BOW WOW Eucalyptus Dental Stick

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  • Ideal treats to reward your dog. Do not give as a complete meal.

    Always have fresh, clean water available.
    Keep your dog under supervision while chewing.
    Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid exposure to the sun. Once opened, consume quickly.
    Leave out of reach of children.

  • Ingredients: Cereals and derivatives, meat and animal products, minerals.

    Analytical constituents: crude protein 19.9%, crude fat 5.5%, crude fiber 1.6%, moisture 18.5%, crude ash 6.1%

    Additives : preservatives, colorants, flavors (eucalyptus essential oil)