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Daily renewed energy, a healthy dog, good quality, nutritious food: this is what BON APPETIT Chicken Bars for dogs promise. And it is possible thanks to their healthy and 100% natural composition.

BON APPETIT Chicken Bars

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  • BON APPETIT Chicken Bars, sources of protein

    Vary your pet's pleasures by rewarding it with these 100% natural chicken meat bars. Sources of good animal proteins, they promote the renewal of its energy thanks to their cereal-free and gluten-free composition. If you go for a walk with your pet, take a bar or two with you. You can easily portion them to give it end by end thanks to their semi-soft texture.

    Digestion-friendly chicken treats

    Since chicken meat is low in calories, it can be easily digested. These dog treats will also bring a taste pleasure to dogs with sensitive stomachs because they are grain and gluten free. In addition, they contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. BON APPETIT nutritional bars are therefore suitable for all dogs.

    Combining French gastronomy, knowledge of the nutritional needs of animals and quality-controlled ingredients, BON APPETIT offers quality food to your dog, which is and will remain our primary objective.

  • Ingredients : chicken meat, starch, natural glycerin

    Analysis : crude protein 26%, crude fat 9%, crude ash 2.9%, crude fiber <0.5%, humidity 25%

    Store cool and dry. After opening, keep in the refrigerator for better preservation of flavors and nutritional qualities and consume within 7 days. Do not consume the oxygen absorber. Not intended for human consumption.
    Food supplement for dogs and cats.Always make enough fresh and clean water available to your animal.

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